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Maps are supposed to be information but when seen for a long time they become a mindset - "there is only one way of looking at the world".
Erehwon Consulting

25 years. 250+ Orbit-shifting innovation challenges. Across industries, cultures and countries.

We are Erehwon, the leading innovation consulting firm worldwide today. We believe in transformation through innovation, and practice it through our path-breaking methodology: Orbit-shifting innovation. Our extensive experience makes us the best there is in our area of work today, and allows us to approach innovation from a practitioner's point of view .

We pursue Orbit-shifting innovation - innovation-led transformation - with a relentless and unwavering passion. The name EREHWON in itself brings alive the spirit and purpose of what the organization and its people stand for. Read the name EREHWON backwards and what emerges is NOWHERE; break it up and it becomes NOW HERE.

Transforming from Nowhere to Now and Here, from Impossible to Possible and Hopelessness to Hope is the spirit & mission of Erehwon.

We are an energetic breed of Orbit- shift catalysts who provoke and facilitate organizations to challenge their current Orbit and

  • Create Orbit-shifting strategies, encompassing breakthrough products, breakthrough processes and breakthrough business models.
  • Build and multiply Orbit-shifting leaders with the capacity to transform the teams to go beyond incremental and stretch goals into pursuing Orbit-shifting Challenges.
  • Institute and embed Orbit-shifting innovation into Organization DNA so that 'Creating the Next Orbit' while 'Sustaining the Current Orbit' happens seamlessly.

We make Orbit-shifting innovation happen in Business Organizations, but our work doesn't end there. We fuel Orbit-shifts in Social Enterprises and Public Services too.

Non-linear developments need non-linear thought and action. This is what Orbit-shifting innovation is all about.

What's more, Erehwon in itself is a live story of an Orbit-shift in action.

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