Transform People Capability
for Orbit-Shifting Innovation™

Most HR/L&D Managers are faced with the challenge to greatly enhance the INNOVATION CAPABILITY of leaders and the people across levels and functions of the Organisation. However, they struggle to find a holistic approach.
Lateral thinking is not the only skill needed to succeed with Innovation.

What We Do

Erehwon’s experience over 25 years has highlighted that the three core capabilities needed to succeed with ‘Breakthrough Innovation’ are:

Breakthrough Thinking skills

The skill to map & breakthrough Mental Model Boundaries to find radically new perspectives & solutions.

Erehwon’s capability building workshops are focused on equipping people with unique and specific tools for each of the three capabilities. The Orbit-Shift Gears is a Mature Erehwon tool to drive breakthrough thinking.

Breakthrough Insighting

The skill to discover new Market Opportunities

For Breakthrough Insighting, Insight Dialogue is a Mature Erehwon tool to facilitate the discovery of unarticulated needs -customer /market. And The 6 Horizon spectrum of Insight sources is a second tool to enable Breakthrough Insighting.

Breakthrough Engagement

The key skill to Enrol stakeholders into accepting & adopting new idea.

And for Breakthrough Engagement ‘Moving a stakeholder from Doubt to confidence ‘s a powerful Erehwon practice.

How We Do

The Fire Starter Workshop

A 1-day workshop for people across functions &levels – to shift reference points & and bring alive how they can go beyond incrementalism and create Breakthrough Innovations.

Orbit-Shifting Leadership

To enable a group of leaders, go beyond Orbit-Maintaining to lead an Orbit-Shift in an area that is within their sphere of influence Process -: starting with a 2-day workshop with a group of key leaders, it continues with another 2-day workshop in which the leaders bring their Mission teams, it moves ahead into a coaching period over 4-6 months.

Create & Execute Breakthroughs

A 2-day capability building workshop for Sr/mid-level managers.

Breakthrough Insighting

To enable a team to build the capability to Conduct an Insight dialogue & Identify Insight Sources and then apply the skill to a live category of customers to discover new Quantum Opportunities. Process – Starting with a 2-day workshop and going forward to coach the team while it is conducting the Insight Dialogues with Customers, concluding in a 2-day workshop to synthesise the insights into Quantum opportunities.

The Impact of Our Work

Schneider Electric India

Schneider Electric India

Almost all of the leaders have taken on positions of higher strategic responsibilities within the organization.


Leadership Pipeline

A Supply Chain Org in a large MNC

The Common Rallying Cause sustained till today. Mindset shifts sustained at not just the top leaders’ level, but at a SC org level.


What Our Clients Say

To Transform People Capability for Orbit-shifting Innovation