Company Overview

A Pioneering Innovation Consulting firm with over 25 years of cutting-edge experience in being able to instil Breakthrough Innovation in the most legacy driven and the unresponsive environments – across industries, cultures & countries.

Our Mission:

Apply Orbit-Shifting Innovation to create Breakthroughs that ‘Transform Lives & Fuel Quantum Growth’.

How We Work:

We are not domain experts, we are Innovation experts. Breakthrough Innovations happen when ‘Domain & Innovation’ expertise come together. We are not the usual consultant who will study a problem and provide solutions. We are CATALYSTs – we partner leaders & teams from within the organization to apply Orbit-Shifting Innovation to ‘Create & Execute Breakthroughs’.

As an innovation Catalyst we inspire & enable leaders & teams:

  • To go beyond maintaining the Orbit and lead an Orbit-Shift.
  • To breakthrough mental model boundaries to discover new radical ‘value creating
  • To enrol stakeholders into ‘co-create & co-owning’ a Breakthrough Innovation.

Differentiating Capability of the Erehwon Team

An Erehwon Innovation consultant stands out in his / her capability to:

Infuse passion to make people to take charge of creating the Next Leap

Enable mindset transformation

Uncover and Breakthrough Mental Model Boundaries

Navigate the uncertainties in an Innovation Journey

Engage in Insight Dialogues that uncover ‘Un-articulated Needs’

Erehwon History:

  • (1992– 2012)

    The first phase of Erehwon

    The first decade (1992 – 2002) was focused on ‘Developing Orbit- Shifting Innovation – a unique model & methodology to create and execute breakthroughs across industries.

  • (2002 – 2012)

    The second phase

    The second phase (2002 – 2012) was focused on demonstrating the powerful impact of Orbit-
    Shifting Innovation across industries, countries & cultures.

  • Version 3

    The Third Phase

    The third phase that we are in now is aimed at scaling the adoption of Orbit-Shifting Innovation. The aim of Erehwon version 3 is to make Orbit-Shifting Innovation :

    ‘Integral to organization culture’ across industries & across the world.
    A fundamental skill in education, a skill that is learnt in school.
    A capability that emerging graduates learn & apply to become Value Creating Professionals.

What Our Clients Say

Engage With Erehwon

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