Create A Breakthrough Strategy
To Refresh and Renew Growth Drivers

Most organizations and teams have a tendency to settle into an orbit that works, that is reasonably successful, that is fairly predictable and one that minimizes uncertainties. The more settled an orbit, the greater the desire to cling to it – the greater is the accumulation of gravity – gravity that will prevent a move into the next orbit.

Traditional methods of stimulating innovation into the strategy process like introducing new ways of Ideation, or a better market research or even building diversity usually fail to overcome these deep rooted Mental Model Boundaries.

This leads to more and more strategic initiatives hitting the wall of diminishing returns.

No wonder most annual strategy workouts end being an extension of the past, at best a stretch on the previous year.

  • When the need is to fuel non linear, quantum growth…
  • When a ‘step jump’ in growth has to be made, despite the dynamic competitive market scenario around…
  • When growth / strategy is saturated and growth opportunities are not easily visible…

what is needed is a refreshingly new ‘Breakthrough Strategy with Differentiated Growth Drivers’.

How is Our Breakthrough Strategy Different from a Usual Business Strategy?

The Value Proposition

From ‘incremental tweaks to previous year’s strategy’ to ‘a revitalized and refreshingly new strategy’ that has:

  • powerful promise of strike rate of success (not just hope)
  • deliberate design for taking the organization to the ‘next level’ (not just meet stated aspiration and goals)
  • Differentiation: Areas and actions that help move from more commoditization to Unique Value Creation


  1. A healthy mix (atleast 70:30) of business drivers / keystones that are:
  • Same drivers, but with revitalized initiatives because executing the same way as the past will lead to dilution
  • New drivers – different from the past, with new initiatives, because more of the same will just not be enough to succeed with the overall strategy
  1. A Pursuit Roadmap that has:
  • A clear set of initiatives for EACH business driver/ keystone
  • Potential diluters and initiatives for navigating each diluter such that execution is brilliantly done without any compromise
  1. Higher People Ownership of the Strategy (not just a ‘social club’)


As a part of the ANNUAL strategy-making process:

  • At start of the design of the strategy
  • At time of detailing of strategy

The Impact of Our Work

International Flavors & Fragrances

International Flavors & Fragrances

This Breakthrough , when executed, led to more than doubling the client strike rate and fueled an exponential growth in the next 6 years that went beyond their 10X aspiration.


Max NewYorkLife Insurance

Max NewYorkLife Insurance

This breakthrough was a key driver in the organization achieving a 3x growth over the next 3 years – from USD 100 Million to USD 300 Million.


What Our Clients Say

To Create A Breakthrough Strategy to Refresh and Renew Growth Drivers