Break Through Mental Model Boundaries To Unleash an Orbit-Shift™

When the CEO/Business Unit head wants to move his/her leadership team to go beyond ‘doing more of the same’.
-Move out of their comfort zones and make the NEXT LEAP happen. And, To Go beyond incrementalism and Transform the Rate of Growth. OR, Come together to find a new response for a Big Industry or Environmental Challenge facing the organisation.

What We Do

We, at Erehwon, mobilize the leadership teams to shift their reference points – from Orbit-Maintaining to Orbit-Shifting and take charge of leading an Orbit-Shift in engagement and impact.

How We Do

Starting with a diagnostic, followed by a workshop collectively

Breaking Through Boundaries is a powerful intervention where an Organisation leadership team is inspired and enabled to ‘recognize and breakthrough their Mental Model Boundaries’ and rally around and an Orbit-shifting aspiration and then co-create an orbit-shift activation road-map.

The Impact of Our Work

Unilever Indonesia - Hygiene

Unilever Indonesia – Hygiene

In pursuing the Street Fighter Challenge, Unilever Indonesia achieved their growth target of 3X growth not in the slated 3 years but in 9 months.



Marico – Out Innovating the Industry Giant

Instead of losing market share to HUL’s aggressive campaigning, Marico actually gained its highest market share ever that year.


What Our Clients Say

To Unleash an Orbit-shift and Increase Your Organization’s Growth