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We Work with You To Make An Orbit-Shift Happen

Break Through Mental Model Boundaries To Unleash an Orbit-shift™

Breaking Through Boundaries is a powerful intervention where an Organisation leadership team is inspired and enabled to ‘recognise and breakthrough their Mental Model Boundaries’ and rally around a unifying purpose And Co-create transformative pathways to fuel new growth and /Or To find a new way to deal with a Big Environmental Challenge.

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Create A Breakthrough Strategy to Refresh and Renew Growth Drivers

Enable a senior leadership team to design a revitalized and refreshingly new ‘Breakthrough Strategy’ that has A powerful promise of strike rate of success (not just hope), and A deliberate design for taking the organization to the ‘next level’ of Differentiation and Growth (not just meet stated aspiration and goals)

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Create ‘Strategic & Operational Innovation’ Breakthroughs

Erehwon’s primary expertise is to partner teams (from within the Organisation) to ‘Apply Orbit-Shifting Innovation’ to create and execute breakthrough innovations for strategic and operational challenges.

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Transform People Capability for Orbit-Shifting Innovation™

Most HR/L&D Managers are faced with the challenge to greatly enhance the INNOVATION CAPABILITY of leaders and the people across levels and functions of the Organisation. However, they struggle to find a holistic approach.

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Institutionalize Orbit-Shifting Innovation into Organization Culture

Building an Innovation Culture, making it a way of life in an organisation is a prime aspiration of most CEO’s & HR Heads. However, only a very few organisations have succeeded in achieving this. Erehwon has over the last two decades developed a mature process ‘to Activate, Accelerate and to Institutionalise Innovation’ in Three Phases over 18-24 months.

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