Institutionalize Orbit-Shifting Innovation™ into Organization Culture

Building an Innovation Culture, making it a way of life in an organisation is a prime aspiration of most CEO’s & HR Heads. However, only a very few organisations have succeeded in achieving this.

What We Do:

Erehwon has over the last two decades developed a mature process ‘to Activate, Accelerate and to Institutionalise Innovation’ in Three Phases over 18-24 months.

How We Do

Erehwon’s experience over 25 years has highlighted that the three core capabilities needed to succeed with ‘Breakthrough Innovation’ are:

  • 1. Fuelling The Organisation Innovation Engine

    Designing the Organisation Innovation Strategy & Ecosystem Architecture AND the Role and Structure of an Organisation Innovation Cell ‘to

    a) Increase the Strike- Rate of Orbit-Shifting Innovation across business units, functions, and front-line teams- organizational breakthroughs and functional breakthroughs, An expanding portfolio of industry game changers: Year on Year additional profitability.

    b) Increase the Pipeline of Innovation Champions and Innovation Leaders:
    -Increasing number of Innovation Champions who are able to lead Orbit-Shifting innovation™ challenges from concept to realization;

    -Increasing number of Innovation Leaders – Senior Managers who consciously identify Orbit-Shifting innovation™ opportunities and inspire, unblock, enable & facilitate their teams to pursue them

  • 2. Building Innovation Catalysts

    Enabling the Organisation to Build & enhance the capability & impact of an internal pool of Innovation Catalysts through a Fellowship Programme designed to move them up the catalyst level, from level-1 to Level-5.

    Level 5: Innovation Coach
    Level 4: Innovation Culture Architect
    Level 3: Innovation Process Anchor & Navigator
    Level 2: Innovation Practice Facilitator
    Level 1: Innovation Trainer

    Series of Capability Building Workshops, Co-facilitation experiences, One-on-one Coaching, & end-certification.

  • 3. Erehwon as an Orbit-Shifting Innovation Coach

    Specialized high-end strategic Coaching and Mentoring of individuals responsible for driving innovation in the organization:
    • The ‘Organization Head’, or ‘Business Unit / Functional Head’
    • The ‘Chief Innovation Officer’, &
    • The ‘Organisation Innovation team’

Titan Jewellery Division

‘Institutionalizing Innovation’ journey at Titan Jewellery Division – co-created, designed and facilitated by Erehwon – has been selected as one of the 10 global winners at ‘MIX Prize for INNOVATING INNOVATION’ conducted in partnership with Harvard Business Review & McKinsey. The selection was made from 140 entries from world’s leading organizations by an eminent jury panel comprising of world’s top thought leaders on innovation. The Titan story would soon be published in Harvard Business Review.

What Our Clients Say

To Institutionalize Orbit-shifting Innovation into Organization Culture