Dr. Rahul MoreSenior Innovation Consultant

Dr. Rahul More, Senior Innovation Consultant at Erehwon Innovation Consulting

Rahul’s mission is to develop better leaders and innovative businesses in a changing world through Erehwon Path breaking approach – Orbit Shifting Innovation.

In recent times, he has brought a unique experience with clients/companies to build their innovation culture and ride on growth strategy. He moves leaders, teams and organization to create innovation led transformations effectively.

With a cumulative 15 years of professional experience, he aspires to Orbit-shift numerous organizations and industries relentlessly to bring glory to India. Currently, he is awakening possibilities among various leaders to achieve quantum growth by transforming results as well as people with Orbit Shifting intervention.

Prior to this, Rahul worked at Tata Leadership Centre – TMTC where he designed and facilitated interventions in the areas of innovation, strategy, and operations excellence. He is Tata certified manager for quality and organizational excellence by ASQ. Also, he developed three professional institutions at MIT Group Pune.

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