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Rajiv Narang
Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Rajiv's passion for innovation & imagination is boundariless. He brings unique & indepth insights into the strategic, organizational & leadership dimensions of innovation. And what's more, as a compelling, powerful speaker he has inspired people across cultures & across the world into realizing 'what does it take to bring alive Orbit-shifting innovation'?

Rajiv's perspective & insights in innovation cut across business, social & public services. His capacity to bring together insights from these worlds into a seamless & holistic innovation model is unparalleled.

He has over the last twenty years lead a diverse and rich portfolio of strategic innovation & leadership initiatives with organizations like Bank of America, Max New York Life, Novartis, Unilever, IFF, Infosys, Wipro, ESPN. He partnered in architecting Marico's 'Innovation for India' foundation and the 'Innovation for India' awards. He pioneered 'The Challenger' – Insight project that finally culminated in Erehwon's first book 'Making Breakthrough Innovation happen' – How 11 Indians did the Impossible?

Recognized as India's Innovation Thought Leader, Rajiv engaged:
  • as a part of National Planning Commission panel to recommend 'India's Innovation Strategy'
  • as a Council member of the 'Innovation for India' Foundation &
  • as a Co-chairperson of the FICCI Innovation Committee

Rajiv's Mission is to enable the world to leverage innovation, to find non-linear answers for the immense challenges that face our planet today. His mission is to build Erehwon into that powerful & catalytic force that will positively influence and transform an organization's capacity to innovate and make a meaningful difference.

Client Testimonials

"Erehwon (or Rajiv) has a great talent to show to you what you think Innovation is and what it could really be. One of Erehwon's great strengths is to see Innovation as a 'full package' i.e. to work out proposals which are truly out of the box and translate these into concrete implementation with its methodology E can put a mirror in front of you so that you (painfully) see where you are in comparison with where you could be in terms of business relevant innovations". – Robert Sieber, Novartis, Switzerland

"Rajiv presented innovation in a truly inspirational way and he has definitely instilled the ideas in my mind. The energy, enthusiasm, clarity of examples was very good and to the point. I thought that the way in which innovation was presented, as ideas rather than specific activities, helped to set a mindset that can be applied to situations, and makes it clearer to define what 'innovation' is. I appreciate the fact that he gave many examples from different industries, was humorous and had 5 well-spelled out points. The content is riveting and highly relevant to our culture". – David Wood, Symbian, UK

"It was more substantial and gave a good and to the point overview of the causes and types of gravitational forces that exist in many companies (based on extensive research you have done over the past few years) and that substantially affects innovation effectiveness. The uniqueness of your approach is that you make clear from the beginning that overcoming these gravitational forces is a question of changing the mindset in people's heads. The many examples you have given as well as the collaborations you have setup with various companies worldwide prove that your approach works." - Guido H. PETIT, Alcatel-Lucent, Belgium

  • Trans-world Collaboration - Radical Challenges & Radical Paradigms, 2000
  • Making Quantum Growth Possible, 2002
  • India starts to innovate, 2006
  • Building Innovative Organisations, 2000
  • Generative Leadership - A concept note, 2003
  • The Future of Innovation - Quantum Innovation - The Pioneering & Entrepreneurial Approach, 2005
  • Leading Innovation Missions - The Erehwon Approach: The Four Keystones, 2005
Speaker / Chaired Sessions
  • 'The Strategic Innovators' Forum at Barcelona
  • Delivering Effective Innovation at London
  • Unlocking Innovation - Convergence 2005 & 2006
  • The CII Innovation Summit,
  • HRD Asia Congress in Singapore,
  • The Economist Annual CEO's Conclave,
  • AIMA annual convention,
  • FMCGs Conclave, and
  • CII's India Governing Council
  • 'Orbit-Shifting Innovation' - The Dynamics Of Ideas That Create History
Prabha Parthasarathy

Prabha Parthasarathy loves being an innovation facilitator and Orbit-shift coach.

Prabha's passion comes from her belief that the human endeavor is the only driver for dramatic change and innovation. Her ability to fuel and direct LEADERSHIP to ORBIT-SHIFT is tried and tested across multiple organizations, industries, and social communities.

As a Director at Erehwon, she leads the Orbit-shifting Leadership stream, working with senior leaders & leadership teams in India and Asia-Pacific, in large-scale transformation, moving entrenched mindsets, & crafting refreshingly new strategic ways forward.

With a cumulative 17 years of professional work experience, she is able to straddle the worlds of innovation, business strategy, and leadership holistically and with ease across industries & countries.

Her clients include Max New York Life India, the Unilever group of companies in Indonesia and Malalaysia, BhartiAirtel, LupinPharma, CavinKare, ITC – ABD (echoupal), SUN Microsystems, Ingersoll Rand, DFID British High Commission, the Murugappa Group of Companies, businesses in the Mahindra group and the Tata group to name a critical few.

Given a choice, Prabha would rather work on "Orbit-shifting" amidst Indian social and policy makers. She has dabbled on random occasions with some of the countries leading bureaucrats and educationalists in the area of social & policy change and hopes to make that part of her mainstream one day.

Speaker/Chaired Sessions:
  • The Erehwon-DMA HR Innovation Awards
  • Applied Innovation in XLRI Jamshedpur
  • The Pioneer's Way, Business Gyan
  • Orbit-shift Coaching TM, a pioneering product straddling innovation and leadership for senior leaders and leadership teams
  • Research Paper ‘Assessing Generativity in Teams’
  • Book on ‘Growth Leadership’ for Max New York Life India
  • In the process of writing another book on ‘What Differentiates Innovative Leaders?’
Ranjan Malik
Strategic Parnter

Ranjan has led and facilitated innovation initiatives in a large number of organizations across various countries including Apple, Areva, APC, Bausch & Lomb, Bayer, Cable & Wireless, Glaxo SmithKline, Honeywell, Mahindra, Microsoft, New York Life, Novartis, Pepsico, Perfetti, Tata, Unilever and Whirlpool.

He has created methodologies, frameworks and tools for Orbit-Shifting Innovation:
  • The innovation evaluation architecture used in the Forbes Global Applied Innovation Awards, Innovation for India Awards & the Tata Innovation Awards.
  • The 3C Spot-Fund-Nurture model used by NABARD (India's National Rural Bank) in the area of Rural Innovation.
  • The curriculum for the Orbit-Shifting Innovation course taught at some Management Schools of India.

As an innovation speaker, Ranjan is sought for his unique ability to pick unobvious insights, 'connect unusual dots' and present a compelling message in his characteristic spontaneous style. He delivers high-energy and insightful innovation keynotes, methodology sessions and also chairs conferences.

Speaker / Chaired Sessions:
  • Front End of Innovation – Amsterdam
  • European Conference on Creativity and Innovation – Warsaw
  • European Conference on Creativity and Innovation - Copenhagen
  • American Creativity Association Conference - Singapore
  • Strategic Innovation Forum – Barcelona
  • The India Innovation Summit - Bangalore
  • Innovation for India Awards - Mumbai
  • National Brand Summit - AIMA
  • The TiE World Summit - Mumbai
  • TEDx
  • Asia HRD Congress
  • Talks at Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) - Bangalore, Calcutta & Indore, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) - Mumbai, Centre for Leadership, Innovation and Change - ISB & National Institute of Design (NID) - Ahmedabad.

Prior to his work in innovation consulting, Ranjan spent a decade in advertising & marketing with organizations like J Walter Thompson (JWT), Lintas & Bharti. He lives in Bangalore, India

Client Quotes:
  • "Ranjan is among the most insight focussed consultants we have come across. We spoke to the innovation elite of the world when we set on our journey of creating and landing disruptive innovations. We chose to work with Ranjan because he wowed us with outstanding insights at our first meeting, since then, has continued to do so. We would recommend him to any organisation looking for game changing innovation." Luke Raskino, Unilever UK.
  • "Ranjan delivers highly energitic innovation engagement when he leads discovery of deep insights and creation of new game-changing opportunities" Carsten Hallund Slot, Arla Foods, Denmark
  • "Ranjan is outstanding as an Innovation Consultant. He really thinks Out of the Box and thinks Big! More importantly, he encourages, motivates and pushes the team to do the same - with an infectious enthusiasm and a perseverance that is indeed rare.” Vivek Nayer, Mahindra Auto, India
  • "Ranjan....definitely...provokes....opens up mind.....knows his subject very well. His sessions go beyond business...beyond day to day and provokes think of a purpose behind it all...and that’s the best part of his innovation methods. He is a great communicator...and his passion for new ideas is inspiring." Sumit Joshi, Whirlpool, India
  • "Facilitator Par Excellence. He could draw out the strengths of the group in making a sound business innovation plan. He is an expert & has deep and detailed knowledge in the area of breakthrough innovations.” Sumantra Hore, Kellogg Company, India
  • "Ranjan has a truly unique perspective on the world and can really drive creative thinking. His energy is infectious and I can guarantee that working with him will challenge the way you see the world today and your business plans for tomorrow." Dawn Farren, Unilever UK
  • "Ranjan is an outstanding professional who has been a catalyst in driving the innovation process within Tata Teleservices. His passion & energy are infectious. I am always amazed at how he manages to crank up the creative side of battle scarred telecom executives every time by helping them push their imagination." Lloyd Mathias, Tata Teleservices, India
  • "Ranjan has a gift of throwing light on problems that we didn't even know existed; he can understand mental blocks that teams suffer from and illustrates those blocks to them almost like magic - an invaluable quality when you're trying to innovate. He is a storyteller - and in telling the stories, gets his point across with so much impact that the listener is never the same again. His grasp of our business objectives was brilliant, and his talent and dedication in helping the teams to achieve them were unparalleled. I would whole-heartedly recommend Ranjan for similar business interventions required by any other company in any industry." Ruchira Bhatia, Virgin Mobile, India
  • "... an absolute pleasure working with Ranjan and watch him weave his magic. He is extremely passionate about Innovation and is a true evangelist. He adds in oodles that one critical ingredient to Innovation thinking - fun; and it shows in the results of his programme. Ranjan is alive, a pure livewire for a facilitator. He is also a wonderful person to know." Prasad Narasimhan, Virgin Mobile, India
Manu Vats
Partner Consultant

A dynamic innovation leader & facilitator, Manu is sought after for his ability to swing the spotlight right onto teams'/organizations' own limiting Mindsets, and energize a mass of people to go after a Quantum challenge. He also has the knack of nailing hitherto elusive Insights, which fuel breakthrough ideation and planning.

Prior to getting into consulting and innovation facilitation full time, Manu spent 12 years in sales, product management & marketing with organizations like Sun Microsystems, IBM and Tata Consultancy Services.

During his stint in the IT industry Manu showed a penchant for challenging assignments, and his career is peppered with projects intended to take customers (and employers) off the beaten track into exciting new areas, be it ramping up a new product from nowhere to leadership position; developing radical solutions to customer nightmares; or energizing an entire organisation behind a so-called 'laggard' offering.

As a Lead Consultant at Erehwon, Manu brings forth his rich and diverse background in the area of innovation. Combined with a passionate and powerful communication style, he drives thought-and-action provoking client engagements.

Manu brings to any engagement a finely honed sense of proportion, combining bold vision with an eye for detail; marrying grand strategy with robust tactics, and balancing logical, left-brained thinking with intuition & 'gut' feel. He also uses his rich corporate experience and leadership skills to good effect in managing live challenges.He has facilitated innovation initiatives in organizations such as Unilever, Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive, Johnson & Johnson, Dabur, Vodafone, Tata Indicom, Virgin Mobile, Knight Frank, Kuoni Travels, Whirlpool, Blue Star Airconditioning, Mahindra Navistar etc.

Gokul Ranganathan
Partner Consultant

Gokul is a firm believer in the potential of innovation. He has the ability to seamlessly move between the business context of innovation and human element involved in making breakthroughs happen. He navigates teams to discover their own limiting mental models, challenge them to create breakthroughs and in the course of the journey transform the individuals. He has worked on strategic innovation missions and coaching leaders to become generative.

In recent times, Gokul has facilitated, coached and mentored 'innovation in operations' challenges across a wide spectrum of companies He has led and  facilitated 250 plus innovation challenges, enabled 450 plus leaders and managers to become Breakthrough Innovators, has 2000 plus hours of live on-project innovation coaching & facilitating experience. Several first-to-the-world breakthroughs have been created during the course of his facilitation. Some of breakthroughs include 12Xing the capacity of the plant without adding manpower where 10% was seen extremely difficult; A breakthrough jewellery product; 60X the life of a process critical tool etc. As a testimony to sustainable innovation capability, these teams and individuals have taken on innovation challenges on a continuous basis and created several breakthroughs.

He has designed and led the Titan 'Innovation School of Management' intervention to seed innovation capability and expand the innovation portfolio in Titan Industries. The innovation school has become an established industry reference point for institutionalizing innovation culture in an organization. It was selected as a winner in the Harvard Business Review- McKinsey M-Prize award for ''innovating innovation" category, amongst 160 global entries and won the Golden Peacock award for Innovation, amongst several other accolades.

Earlier in his journey, Gokul worked in HP Labs where he was a part of an end to end innovation journey with a revenue potential of USD 2 Billion. He has filed for two patents. He was a Business Architect helping companies re-engineer their business processes before joining Erehwon.


Axis Bank, Akshaya Patra Foundation, Behr, Dana Spicer Corporation, Gabriel India, IPCA Pharma, Ingersoll Rand, Mahindra Farm & Auto, Max New York Life Insurance, Titan Jewellery, Titan Watches, Victor Gaskets & Unilever, Indonesia.


L.R.Natarajan, CEO, New Business Division and Head of Innovation, Titan Industries

“It has been a pleasure for me to have got in touch with Gokul Ranganathan of EREWHON . It is nearly two years since I am working with him, in the assignment that we have given to him, to facilitate us to spread the culture of innovation in our company, through an initiative called Innovation school of management.

Gokul is a very energetic youngster, and he has a unique god given talent to infect & inspire others with his energy. He is not only passionate about innovation and teaching innovation but his passion is coupled with discipline of highest order (a very rare quality), in whatever he does, which is perhaps the key to his success. Another great quality I had observed in him, is the constant urge to improve, or the other way of putting it, he always has a CREATIVE RESTLESSNESS to do better than what he does. The word complacency, is perhaps absent in Gokul's dictionary. Another unique quality I had observed in him is the GENUINE respect he gives to all individuals. Also he is very quick in understanding the strength and weakness of the innovators, and while he encourages and encashes on their strength, never looses an opportunity to help them to overcome their weakness.

He does not limit himself to what has been told to be done, and more often, he comes up with his own insights, and has the courage to get his points discussed, for obvious improvements. Coupled with all the great qualities I had mentioned about him, he is a real task master and has his own way to influence and assist / support the people to complete the innovation challenge within the stipulated / committed time.

To me, if I am to sum up, at a very young age, he has all the qualities, that one expects from a good leader, right from a great insight followed by a compelling dream and getting the buy in of people to make them part of his dream and inspiring them with communication packed with right choice of words and body language, in his journey towards realizing the dream.

It will be my pleasure to continue to get an opportunity to work with him."


Raghavendra Deolankar, Head Operations,Behr India Limited

Gokul has been associated with Behr for the last 2 years as an Innovation interventionist.

When we started the Innovation Drive, our initial mindset was 'this is something very different and difficult to understand and take forward'. It was Gokul who made it very simple and made us to understand the Orbit Shifting Innovation Methodology in a very user friendly manner. Gokul has the strength of getting along with the team and moving forward together. The innovators were very comfortable and open with him.

Gokul has a very unique ability to read and understand underlying thoughts in others' minds. He takes the person to a very deep level of thinking by asking simple probing questions that dives into the real intent behind the idea or thought. With this, he facilitates the person to generate more ideas. The person is left with a motivating realisation that it was he/she who generated the idea out of his/her thinking. I also found Gokul having a unique combination of IQ and EQ. IQ helps him in understanding the hardware part of innovation challenge and EQ helps him in understanding the software part. With these unique traits, Gokul has proved himself to be a very good facilitator.

At Behr, he has helped people evolve as an Innovator not only for the specific innovation challenge or the project but also as transformed individuals. I respect Gokul for his unique facilitation qualities as a Innovation Interventionist and thankful to him for his significant contribution to Behr for taking the innovation journey forward.


Vardendu Ramesh Shukla, DGM, Spicer India Limited

Gokul is a very passionate innovator and is always on the lookout for creating new opportunities.Great talent and simplicity are the 2 virtues which help Gokul in increasing the belief level of the innovation participants and builds their confidence. He is able to connect with different personalities with ease during the course of his innovation coaching sessions and is a master in delayering the thoughts of the innovation champions. I have observed Gokul helping the innovators to shift their mindsets and think of the breakthroughs in their own domains with his superb skills of generative & collaborative thinking and communication. An energetic personality and down to earth character makes Gokul a sought after innovation consultant. He is a great coach and facilitator for teaching innovation. His enthusiasm is infectious and helps a lot in creating a mommentum in the innovation journey for the participants.

Porus Munshi
Senior Associate

Porus is a postgraduate in psychology, a lifelong student of martial arts from karate to boxing to Tai Chi, and was the author of a widely read column for the Hindu Businessline titled 'Work and You'.

Human performance, impossible dreams and causes, and taking on challenges fascinate him. In his work with clients across industries, he is known as someone who releases and unblocks the innate potential of people, so that they begin to conceptualize, innovate and achieve what they previously believed to be impossible. He triggers and facilitates innovation missions and organizational transformations. He often works with top leadership teams, helping them make mindset shifts.

His abiding passion is the area of human performance and how to help people crack the time-performance paradigm that many take for granted. As he says, the reality is that human performance can be transformed - dramatically! And it doesn't need years of work to do so. It can be done in a very short time - a few weeks or a few months at worst. In some cases, it's almost overnight. The key challenge is to understand what it takes to create rapid transformations in work performance in compressed capsules of time - and do it in a manner that's replicable.

Porus is also the author of the book 'Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen - How 11 Indians pulled off the impossible', published by Harper Collins and that's now into its second re-print.

Dr. Iris Ginzburg
Senior Associate

Dr. Iris Ginzburg, CEO of Demaya Innovation Practices, provides innovation services to large organizations in Israel and around the world. These services include innovation management consulting, setting joint entrepreneurial initiatives and innovation training. Demaya works with senior managements to develop innovation practices including innovation strategies, methodologies, assessments, process and organization design. Demaya's mission is largely achieved through the application of the concept of "learning by doing" as a key success factor in effective learning and practical success in innovation. Addressing simultaneously the level of strategy, process, practice and capabilities for innovation allows Demaya's clients to take full ownership of the innovation activities from the start, as they develop new skills and employ new innovation practices.

Iris is the director of an MBA Program for Management of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Recanati Business School at Tel Aviv University. She teaches courses on Services Management and Innovation, and Technology Innovation at the best business schools in Israel.

Prior to establishing Demaya, Dr. Ginzburg has initiated and globally led IBM's Innovation Management Practice, part of IBM's On Demand Innovation Services. Working with international teams Dr. Ginzburg managed consulting projects, helping clients design and implement customized innovation process, explore new technology-based growth opportunities and guide open collaboration. During this period she has worked with some of the leading companies around the world in the communications, industrial and financial sectors in Asia, US and Europe; some are the most innovative players Worldwide.

Dr. Ginzburg holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Tel-Aviv University and an M.Sc. in Management of Technology from MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to IBM, she held software development and research positions, worked for PwC Management Consulting, a large financial enterprise, and lead a startup in the mobile industry.

Selected client projects
  • Global Corporation with diverse businesses, one of the world's largest companies – Innovation project aimed at identifying barriers and enhancing the level and breadth of innovation at Corporate Marketing. 
  • Leading European bank – Plan, design, develop and practice new processes and methodologies, while building new skills and capabilities
  • Large financial client – Strategic innovation, global innovation trends and innovation management practices for long term growth and market leadership
  • Global electronics company based in Asia – Creating a world class R&D practice
  • Leading high-tech company – Innovation management practices, focusing on the exploration of new strategic innovation areas and initiative development
  • A European manufacturer – Substantiating R&D as a core competency
  • Global IT company – Service Innovation as a pervasive skill
  • Large Telecom provider in Asia – Establishing a new R&D practice
Conferences around the world
  • The 2nd ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation Management) Symposium, NY 2009.  Two papers, presentations and session chairing.
  • The Financial Times Innovation Summit, London, December 2006, Chairperson .
  • The Marker, Israel, 2007 – Innovation Convention – lead a workshop: "innovation management in large organizations – innovation as a strategic asset: how can senior management guide innovation to include a larger number of employees"
  • Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), January 2007, talks about the locus of innovation in services firms and possible agenda for service innovation research
  • Alpha Summit (The annual conference of the Venture Capital community in Europe), Germany, November 2006, chaired a track on creating value through innovation and partnering
  • IBM Innovation Week, The Netherlands, September 2006, a talk about innovation in services, focusing on financial firms
  • CeBIT 2005, Germany,  Delivering business value from innovation management
  • Service Innovation, Tel Aviv University Business School – the MBA program, and at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel
  • Technology Innovation, Tel Aviv University Business School – the MBA program, and the College of Management, Israel
  • Innovation Management – a course customized to specific organizations, it  involves a variety of tools for creativity, trend identification, problem solving & business planning, integrated into a practical innovation process
  • Introduction to Management (MBA), Weizman Institute of Science
  • Attitudes towards Product and Service Innovation in India and Israel – An Exploratory Study”, ISPIM, 2009, Ginzburg, Lichtenstein, Neugarten, Agarwal and Parthasarathy, Proceedings
  • Creating cooperation through an innovation jam”, ISPIM, 2009, Ginzburg, Lichtenstein and Saar, Proceedings
  • “Looking for the Locus of Innovation in New Service Development", HICSS, 2007, Ginzburg, Lichtenstein and Higgins, Proceedings
  • “Irresistible! Markets, Models, and Meta-Value in Consumer Electronics", 2005, O'Reilly Publishing, Co author
  • Innovation in services – the product is intangible but the innovation has great impact", Status Magazine, 2005
  • Innovation is Shaping the Future, 2005, Ginzburg and Lichtenstein, white paper
  • The Changing Economics of IT", 2005, Ginzburg and Lichtenstein, white paper
Swati Parasnis
Senior Associate
Jane Teng
Senior Associate

Jane brings with her more than twenty years of professional HR experience with core competence in the areas of learning and development, talent management and organization change. She designs, develops and delivers integrated solutions for clients in these core areas.

She has served in the public sector as well as in Fortune 500 companies such as Motorola and Baxter Healthcare, covering HR regional roles in Asia at senior levels. She is the Director of Innovative Edge Pte Ltd that offers management consultancy services and learning solutions for private and public enterprises. She has been collaborating with Erehwon Innovation Consulting in India since 2002, having worked on innovation projects in the Asia region, and with clients such as Unilever, Motorola, DBS and Pepsi Cola.

She recently became an Associate Consultant with Human Capital Singapore, to provide consulting and training services to support the development of Singapore’s Small & Medium Enterprises.

Jane holds an MBA and an MSc in Early Childhood Education as well as a Professional Certification in Change Management. Outside work, Janevolunteers in charitable organizations and professional interest groups offering services in program design, learning and OD projects. She loves reading, writing, experimentingwith food, and enjoys artful living in Singapore with her family.

Bhawani Singh Shekhawat
Strategic Partner

Bhawani Singh Shekhawat is a seasoned Marketing, Strategy, Insights and Management professional with rich international experience. In his professional career of over 25 yearshe has lived in Asia, Middle East, Africa, North-America and Europe in senior leadership roles with top F-500 companies. He has held regional General Management positions with Nielsen in Emerging Markets and also led the Consumer business in Central, South and Western Europe. Subsequently, he led the Globalmarketing science/ Best Practices for Reckitt Benckiser and the Strategy and Planning function at Coca-Cola during his stint with these companies in Europe and London HQ. In so doing, he oversaw change management initiatives, strategy formulation and roll out with matrix global teams. In his Gen Management roles, Bhawani has led large, multi-cultural and multidisciplinary teams successfully towards new growth horizons.

Bhawani began his career in consulting and also had a stint with Lintas: India before embarking on his international career. His professional career took him to Cyprus, Egypt, Dubai, Oxford and London where he ran large and diverse teams and businesses. Having returned to India in late 2010, he divides his time between teaching at leading business schools and consulting, advising as well as mentoring business leaders and entrepreneurs. His passion is Strategy, Innovation and all things Human. He has written columns in leading dailies around the world and has been quoted in The Times and the International Herald Tribune. He has been on the advisory board of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of Marketing Sciences as well as a panel and jury member of SuperBrandstm.

He also served as member on the Global Consumer Board of The Nielsen Company.

Presently, Bhawani serves as an Advisory Director on Board of Adhyayan Asia and 'Haiku Jam' (UK), among a few others where he mentors and advises the Corporate Board of Directors of these companies. With Erehwon he has helped develop innovation and Marketing Strategy for The Mahindra Group, Glaxo SmithKline, Rane Group of Companies, ITC and Zee TV amongst many others. As an Associate with Erehwon, he helps businesses and leadership realise their true potential and embark on an Orbit Shifting journey.

A sought after Speaker, Bhawani speaks at conferences and leadership collectives around the world both as a Panelist as well as Keynote speaker. Also as visiting faculty in leading business schools, he mentors young achievers and faculty internationally.

Sangeeta Talwar
Strategic Partner

In a career spanning over 30 years I have helped set up businesses, built brands and managed companies across diverse areas for European, American and Indian multinationals. I have also had the opportunity to serve on the Boards of Tata Tea Ltd (now Tata Global beverages), Tata Coffee Ltd, Eight O’clock Coffee (USA), Oriental Hotels (managing the Taj hotels south of Chennai) and Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd.

I started my career in Nestle and was instrumental in creating, launching and establishing the ‘Maggi’ phenomenon, the first instant food product in the country. Subsequently I headed Marketing for Nestle India as Executive Vice President responsible for the growth, innovation and P&L for the entire range of products: Infant Nutrition, Milks, Coffees, Culinary and Chocolates & Confectionery. Previous assignments: Business head for the culinary group, Regional Sales Head (Northern Region) and Vice President Human Resources.

I also had the opportunity to spend 3 years at the Nestle International HQ in Switzerland as Marketing Advisor to the ‘Drinks & Coffee’ and the ‘Chocolate & Confectionery’ Strategic Business Units.

Subsequently I joined Mattel, the world’s largest Toy Company in India as CEO and Managing Director and was responsible for turning around the India business.

I was appointed as Executive Director for Tata Tea Limited in 2004 and later as President-South Asia for the Tata Global Beverages Group, the consolidated entity. During this time I had the opportunity to be one of the thought leaders on the Global Innovation Team and on the management board of Tetley’s International Operations.

I led the launch of the “Jaago Re” campaign, the first social marketing campaign in India, repositioning Tata Tea, a decision that made the company the unequivocal category leader. The “Jaago Re” campaign, based on social awakening, won international acclaim and several awards.

In Sep 2010, I was appointed Managing Director of NDDB Dairy Services – a new company I helped to establish. The company was mandated by NDDB, and funded by the World Bank, to deliver the National Dairy Plan and usher in the second White Revolution. I spearheaded the design and establishment of an innovative business model for creating sustainable livelihood for dairy farmers. This novel concept is being used to setup farmer owned, professionally managed Producer Companies as a complimentary structure to Cooperatives. Two such companies with 100,000 farmers as equity holders and a turnover size of approximately Rs 1200 crores were set up by me in the villages of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

A few distinctions along the way have been:

  • Business Today 30 Most Powerful Women in Indian Business – 2007, 2009, 2010
  • India Today Woman in the Corporate World – 2010
  • Women Super Achievers Award for Outstanding Contribution to Social Marketing


An MBA from IIM Kolkata and an Economics Honours graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi, I have the honour of having a seat on the Board of Governors of IIM Kolkata.

Recently I have had the privilege of being appointed as a member on the board of Manipal Global Education Services, Religare Enterprises Ltd and HCL Infosystems.

Shruti Sridhar Murthy

Passionate about making a meaningful difference through her work, Shruti believes that the most transformative results come forth when tenacity meets the best hearts and best minds.

Since joining Erehwon, she has worked on a variety of engagements that include Creation of State Innovation Roadmaps, Innovation Missions and Organisation Diagnostics. Some of the clients she has worked with are Zee Media, Nestle, LinkedIn, CEAT and State Governments. She enjoys being a catalyst on journeys that quantum the impact of organisations with a purpose.

Shruti is an MBA graduate with a Double Major in Marketing and Strategy from the Kelley School of Business. While at Kelley, she co-led a global consulting engagement for Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development in Himachal Pradesh, where she was responsible for design and implementation of the coaching track for student consultant teams and she co-created a curriculum based on Human Centered Design.

Prior to Erehwon, Shruti has also worked with Microsoft and Deloitte. Her stints there have included consulting for over 200 Microsoft partners and managing the successful delivery of program governance processes for a Fortune 500 retail client in the USA, respectively.

Her work across diverse contexts in multiple organizations has shaped her views on what constitutes excellence and the power of innovation in enabling truly unique solutions to seemingly difficult challenges.

Outside of work, Shruti is an avid reader who is also passionate about debate. She has debated at various national and international platforms and been invited to adjudicate on a number of occasions.

Vichitraa N R

Vichitraa is driven by the passion to take up new challenges and a keen desire to make difference to people and organisations through her work. Solving challenges requires the ability to probe into details while keeping the larger picture in mind. Ability to bring insights from different domains and wanting to take up the variety and plethora of Corporate strategy, she chose the Consulting domain. With close to 5 years of Consulting experience with Price Waterhouse Coopers and Deloitte ToucheTohmatsu, she has dabbled on multiple assignments ranging from Strategy design to Visioning/Policy design for Public sector

Some of the assignments have seen her partner with International agencies like World Bank, DFID that saw her creating roadmaps and Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks. Some of the key competency areas include Stakeholder engagement, Benchmarking, assessment and Designing Monitoring and evaluation frameworks. Having worked closely with Corporates, she understands the breadth and depth of the myriad structures and functions that they operate on.

Having exposure to multiple domains like Education, Health, Agriculture and Livelihood has immensely helped her to appreciate the interplay between these crucial sectors and imbibed in her, an acumen to connect dots and bring in multiple perspectives to solutioning and piloting. She also has engaged various stakeholders through dialogues that have helped to uncover new insights.

In her stint at Erehwon, she has mastered the Orbit Shifting Innovation methodology and the corresponding frameworks. She has created and designed a platform where the innovation concepts could be learnt through an online medium. As part of her work in creating this product, she has developed a good understanding of “How” and “What” of unleashing innovation in any organisation. Some of the clients she has worked with include Schneider Electric, Zee Media and Mahindra.

Apart from work, music is another passion that she pursues. A trained Carnatic vocalist and Veena player, she derives a lot of strength and inner peace from Music which in turn enables her to unleash the creative thinking skills in her. A yoga enthusiast, she believes there is unlimited cosmic energy that is waiting to be tapped and Yoga is a powerful medium to channelize it to enable the human form to achieve its potential.

Sundarraj Venkatakrishnan

At any given moment, what interests Sundar the most is INNOVATION. He is passionate about Creating Value through CREATIVE Thoughts.

His interest in INNOVATION got energized during his stint at TITAN Company Ltd., where his role was to enhance the INNOVATION culture in Titan Jewelry Division through “ISTART”, an internal extra constitutional body. He, based on the guidance from his mentor, formulated a new approach called 3-I (Inspire, Involve and Induce) to strengthen the INNOVATION Culture. The “3-I” is a bottom-up approach whereby the entire workforce gets involved in the Innovation journey of the organization.

In the broad spectrum of Innovation, his work and research are more inclined towards the nuances of fuelling an Innovation Cell and infusing an Innovation culture in an organization.

Sundar has an MBA with specialization in Finance, and he is also a Mechanical Engineer. In the last one year, he had a brief association with State Bank of India as a Credit Analyst. But his view that a person’s professional life has to be his/her self-expression motivated him to join Erehwon as an Innovation Consultant. He considers his association with Erehwon as an opportunity for him to stay in line with his life goal of making a difference.

Dr. Rahul More
Senior Consultant

Rahul’s mission is to develop better leaders and innovative businesses in a changing world.

Rahul draws on expertise in innovation management and strategy to help organizations drive their initiatives relentlessly to ride on performance and growth. While bringing best-in-class performance, he infuses entrepreneurial spirit and leadership among professionals.

In recent times, he has brought a unique experience with organizations to build their innovation capability and leadership pipeline through effective customized training programs. Being involved in Deep Dive Assessment team of TQMS, he resonates with competencies like leadership, strategic, customer centricity, innovation, technology management and operational excellence issues across Tata groups’ seven sectors.

With a cumulative 15 years of professional experience, he effectively connects with leaders, teams and organizations to navigate transformational journey and build innovation culture. Currently, he is developing unique need-based products along with strategic anchors and awakening possibilities among various leaders to achieve quantum growth with Orbit Shifting intervention.

Prior to this, Rahul worked at Tata Leadership Centre – TMTC where he designed and facilitated interventions in the areas of creativity and innovation, R&D effectiveness, strategic technology management, business strategy, and operations excellence to various Tata and Non-Tata companies. Moreover, he has developed three professional institutions and initiated specialized programs at MIT Group Pune with leadership of trust and excellence.


Chevening Fellowshipin Science, Policy, Innovation and Leadership – Said Business School, Oxford University, UK, 2015

PhDin Business Management (completed 52 credits of MoM) - SJM School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), Mumbai India, 2014

M. Techin Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay, Mumbai India, 2004 Mechanical Engineering, SRTMU University Nanded, India, 2000


A winning Strategy: How to create an innovative ecosystem will pave the way to long-term sustainability of growing Tata Group Conglomerate (Published in Tata Review – October 2013 issue)

Carving a niche through Tata Operations Excellence Framework: Managerial Insights (Published in AR@T – July/August 2013 Issue)

Published various papers in National and International Journals.

Association With

Industry Expert @ NITIE Mumbai – Centre for Global Competitiveness of MSMEs 

Venture Partner & Mentor @ Edugild – India’s first Edtech Startup platform.

Arun Maharajan
Senior Consultant

Arun believes in maximizing human potential, as a people and as individuals. This led him on a path of curiosity, experimenting, experiencing, reflecting, connecting and collaborating in areas spanning technology, art and design.

He has worked in the German automotive industry for close to 10 years in areas spanning engineering, project management and product management for clients in Asia, Europe and South America. Among others, he has worked with Bosch, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot-Citroen Motors, Ssangyong and Mahindra & Mahindra.

In order to further explore himself and the world, he returned to India in 2013 and spent a year teaching in a low income school in a Mumbai slum. He was instrumental in introducing multimedia based teaching in his school which resulted in increased student engagement. Thereafter, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by setting up and heading Innovation and Product Development for a 3D Printing Design studio. Being in an unproven market and a fledgling field, he was able to experiment in setting up processes and methodologies for the co-existence of creativity and productivity.

He has a bachelors degree in engineering from BITS-Pilani and has an international masters degree in engineering from the Hochschule Esslingen, Germany.

He has hitchhiked, backpacked and travelled to 50 countries. He is a bassist and moonlights as maker and visual artist in his free time.

Sandeep Kapur
Senior Consultant

Sandeep is a disciple of Swami Paramahansa Yogananda and a student of Bhagavad Gita, Vedanta and Kriya Yoga.

He loves being with people who are willing to challenge their deep-rooted belief systems to create Breakthrough Results, be it at work, in relationships or any other aspect of their life.

Sandeep is expert in Transformational Learning, coaching individuals & teams to achieve what seems impossible at the beginning. He is adept in coaching models based on Ontology (Study of Being), Phenomenology (Study of how Human Beings interpret experiences) & Theory U (Presencing Institute founded by Otto Scharmer, MIT).

Sandeep has had extensive exposure to creating Business Strategy, Visioning, Communication Strategy and Research across diverse set of Industries/ Product Categories. Hiswork has facilitated companies to craft their Vision and Brand Strategy, and incorporate those seamlessly into the way they Think, Plan and Act – thus creating employees that embody and live those brand values.

Earlier in his career he has contributed to a host of start-ups: Launched spirits/ Scotch business (UDV, Diageo), launched RadioCity (FM Radio business from STAR TV), launch of Telecom services in Punjab (Hutch Telecom), launch of HIT 95 FM (Radio business of Millenium Broadcast) and Times Private Treaties/ Brand Capital (BCCL).

Sandeep holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh and a Masters Degree in Management Studies from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai.