Orbit-shifting innovation happens when an area that needs transformation meets an innovator with the will and the desire to create, and not follow history. At the heart of an Orbit-shifting innovation is the breakthrough that creates a new orbit and achieves a transformative impact.

Making innovation the transforming agent for the organizations and the society: this is the mission that has inspired us, over the last 25 years, to take on over 250 Orbit-shifting innovation challenges across industries, cultures and countries.

Erehwon brings first-hand insight into the dynamics of making an 'Orbit-shifting innovations happen'. It is not theoretical; it is based on insights drawn from 25 years of working and research with organizations in making Orbit-shifting innovation happen. It is not an academic but a practitioner's point of view.


It draws from three powerful
insight sources:


Cutting - edge insights drawn from over 250 Orbit-shifting innovation missions that we have led and facilitated. These missions are spread across industries and sectors, including telecom, IT, FMCG, energy, banking, and even social enterprises and public services.


Deep insight into leadership mindsets that spur or limit innovation. This is a result of our Gravity Diagnostics and strategic transformational interventions with top leadership teams from across 150 organizations.


Orbit-shifting innovation is also a result of firsthand research and insight into Orbit-shifting innovations across sectors. Our focused and ongoing research has identified over 100 Orbit-shifters and what differentiates them.

The Erehwon approach hones in on the question: 'What are the real dynamics of executing an Orbit-shifting innovation with as much focus as it takes to conceive it?' It is not mechanistic; it brings alive the human endeavor intrinsic to innovation. It illustrates the excitement and the pains of making Orbit-shifting innovation happen. It also defines a framework to navigate innovation; a framework that takes into account that innovation is inherently about the unknown, and therefore cannot be managed but has to be steered.