There is nothing called a saturated market, just saturated mindsets Orbit Shifting Mission

We provoke and facilitate organizations to break through mental model boundaries of seemingly the most saturated markets to create Game-changers – product, process, business model plus ecosystem and Partner the organization in finding and propelling the complementary innovations needed to grow the breakthrough concept into an in-market success model.

Organizations approach us when they have extraordinary, even audacious ambitions and know that 'doing more of the same' will not get them there. What usually surprises and energizes them is how engaging with an Erehwon 'Orbit-shifting Mission', not only provokes them to approach the challenge through a refreshingly different lens but leads to the discovery of breakthroughs that have the potential to go beyond the audacious goal. And, all this co-evolved with a team from within the organization.


Locked in Mental Models

Most organizations do come up with BHAG's (BIG Hairy Audacious Goals) like 'three in three' (grow three times the current business in the next three years) or 'create a new business equal to the size of the current business'. The core reason why most of these organizations' dreams don't even take off, let alone succeed, is that when managers finally get down to identifying opportunities and developing strategies, they remain stuck in the old orbit. Orbit-shifting aspirations pursued with mental models that are trapped in the current orbit fail to take off.

Mental models are the most fundamental beliefs, the assumed givens that are usually not questioned, and become the boundaries within which we think. Organizations get locked-in into industry mental models that freeze the way they define and approach markets, products, processes and business models.

Locked in Mental Models

Mental model boundaries can box-in even the most brilliant teams and organizations. Layers of invisible constructs and beliefs, that unknowingly limit the thought spectrum, reduce the exploration space and stifle new possibilities.

Traditional methods of stimulating innovation like introducing new ways of ideation or building diversity usually fail to uncover and break through mental model boundaries. To create a game-changer, to move the innovation and growth drive into the next orbit - an organization needs to break through mental-model boundaries. It needs to:

  • Recognize and confront the invisible limits of the existing orbit.
  • Uncover the strategic blind spots embedded in the current orbit.

An Orbit- Shifting Innovation Mission and
not a 'STAGE-GATE' Project

The 5 Orbit-shift Thresholds

Making Orbit-shifting innovation happen is more like climbing a daunting, unclimbed mountain, and less like a tough project moving through the Stage-Gate process. The purpose of the conventional Stage-Gate process is to 'fit in' ideas with the current orbit; whereas the Erehwon Orbit-shifting mission journey concentrates on scaling the 5 Orbit-shift thresholds.

An Orbit-shifting innovation journey is not a process to be achieved stage by stage. It is more a journey from one energy threshold to the next. A burst of energy needs to be unleashed at each threshold to bear with not just the visible organization dynamics but also with the unanticipated fears, uncertainties and doubts of all stakeholders including the innovation team. Erehwon partners and facilitates an organization to navigate through the 5 thresholds and make an Orbit-shifting innovation happen.

Threshold 1 & 2:

Starts, not with Ideation but by Breaking through Mental Model Boundaries.

Threshold 3:

The search for 'Orbit-shifting Idea and Proposition'

Threshold 4:

Venture Building

Threshold 5:

In- market success model