Infuse the passion and embed the organization platforms and practices needed to identify and pursue breakthrough opportunities - Both strategic and operational opportunities, across functions and across levels.

About Orbits and Orbit-shifts

Organizations get weighed down by enormous forces of gravity. Gravity here is the excessive forces exerted by organizational and industry mindsets and even deeper forces of gravity generated by country and cultural mindsets.

MINDSET GRAVITY can impact even the most brilliant teams and organizations - layers of invisible constructs and beliefs that unknowingly limit their thinking reduce the exploration space and stifle new opportunities.

Most organizations and teams have a tendency to settle into an orbit that works, that is reasonably successful, that is fairly predictable and one that minimizes uncertainties. The more settled an orbit, the greater the desire to cling to it, the greater is the accumulation of gravity – gravity that will prevent a move into the next orbit.


Traditional Approach

Traditional approaches to building an innovation culture, like creating an Innovation Department with a Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), or instituting a Stage-Gate process to screen and evaluate ideas, or building cultural diversity and creating a centre for ideation, usually fail to break through these layers of gravity. They have, at best, succeeded in instilling incremental innovation. In most organizations, innovation is still largely incidental and accidental; it remains dominantly personality driven with pockets of bright spots.

Leading Orbit-shifts
Traditional Approach

Innovation Led Transformation

The Erehwon Approach

The issue that faces most organizations that pursue 'transformation of culture initiatives' is that these initiatives are often dragged down by gravity. This is because "You cannot create culture by focusing on culture." No wonder then, that some of these initiatives are transient- lasting only as long as the organization pushes it, but never becoming part of the organization rhythms.

Instead, in Erehwon's 'Innovation led Transformation' approach, the organization has to first directly confront and to break through these layers of mindset gravity. Once gravity is broken, the next orbit emerges (in what and how to pursue it). Pursuing the next orbit in new ways that break through gravity will lead to the transformation of culture. Hence, the focus is on the pursuit of the next orbit, rather than on just building a transformative culture. It is in the pursuit of the next orbit, that the culture transforms.

Erehwon's Orbit-shift intervention will provoke and facilitate the organization to first uncover and then break through mindset gravity. This will lead to the creation and pursuit of an Orbit-shift roadmap that:

Creates breakthroughs

new products, processes, services, business models

Transforms results

business results, service impact, market penetration

Transforms people's innovation capability

infusing mindsets, practices and skills needed to first activate and then accelerate innovation

Transforms individual, team and organizational

methodologies and practices to embed an 'Innovation led Transformation' culture

The Erehwon Impact

The Erehwon Orbit-shift intervention will inspire, facilitate and coach an organization to assimilate, apply and then institutionalize mindsets and practices to:
The Erehwon Impact