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Based out of India, working in Asia Pacific, Europe and US, Erehwon Innovation Consulting is now India's and among the world's leading innovation consulting firms. Erehwon has 25 years of cutting-edge experience in being able to instil innovation in the most legacy driven and unresponsive environments – across the industries, countries and cultures.

Over the last 25 years, Erehwon has pioneered a unique approach 'Orbit-shifting innovation' - making breakthrough innovation happen by design.

Erehwon's 'Orbit-shifting Innovation Model' has been accepted as unique & powerful by not just Indian organizations but by the best organizations in the world. Erehwon has won Global Innovation projects, after competing with the best known innovation consultancies across the world.

Erehwon Experience:
  • Facilitated over 300 Orbit-shifting Innovation Projects across industries like Telecom, Auto, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Finance, Utility and Commodities. Facilitated Strategic innovation projects for organizations like Unilever, Mahindra, Honeywell, Logica, Wipro, Novartis, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited.
  • Strategic transformation interventions to infuse an 'Innovation led Transformation' drive across 150 organizations.
  • Erehwon has led an 'Applied Innovation' course with leading Management Institutes.
Seeding Innovation in India
  • Erehwon designed & executed the first 'Innovation for India' Awards focusing on recognizing & multiplying Business Innovation, Social Innovation and Innovation in Public Services.
United Kingdom

A breakthrough innovation project with the Unilever Global Laundry team based in London, Unilever's first disruptive innovation team, aimed at creating breakthroughs in the laundry ecosystem.

"...I have found great value in working with Erehwon. They have truly brought new capabilities in our innovation process. Their approach is not being the usual facilitator of a innovation process, rather a co-creator of innovation ideas that can break the market dynamics..."

- Massimo Pozzetti, Global Disruptive Innovation Director – Laundry, Unilever U.K. Central Resources Limited

"...Today, only 6 months since our formation, thanks to our partnership with Erehwon we have created a new way of working and insighting, one that has delivered outstanding innovation challenges, insights and indeed 3 disruptive ventures that our Global Leadership Team has commissioned.... would thoroughly recommend them to any business looking to produce game changing innovation.."

- Luke Raskino, Unilever Laundry Disruptive Innovation, Unilever, UK.

An Orbit-shifting Mission with the Unilever Personal Care team in 2013.

"We started in January 2013 with a Mission to take water out of Personal Care. We knew this was going to be a tough challenge that required some radical thinking and new ideas so we knew we needed help from an outside partner that could help us with this process.

We selected Erehwon because they immediately grasped the size of the challenge, and turned it into an exciting vision. Throughout the process, a few things stood out:
  • Erehwon's extensive experience in the Innovation area allowed the team to look beyond the known boundaries of Unilever & Personal Care. We discussed many examples from other industries that served as inspiration.
  • The Erehwon team quickly became experts in Personal Care, washing and all things water-related. They dove into the subject and very soon acquired extensive knowledge, which enriched our journey and the debates.
  • The insight expeditions were an incredibly rich experience that brought us into contact with many experts and consumers, and that yielded many interesting insights on a personal and a professional level. They truly turned the process into a goldmine of insights and ideas.
As with any creative process, not all of it was predictable- there were some last-minute changes, there were some hiccups, but the Erehwon team managed to find solutions, alternative insight sources, etc.

We now have a list of 12 potential new ideas. I feel very confident we cast a wide net, and dug deep, and I really believe that if there were any other big ideas out there, we would have found them. We shared the ideas this week with our senior leaders who were enthusiastic and encouraged us to take them to consumers.

Thanks again for a fascinating journey! "
- Michiel Leijnse, Global Brand Director- Water & Innovation, Personal Care Category, Unilever, UK.
Johnson & Johnson
United States

"Orbit-shifting Innovation is a pioneering approach that can take diverse groups and introduce new thought paradigms to drive innovation. I have never worked with any other approach that could do this better. It builds the courage to target high value/ high risk projects that can disrupt existing markets. I have no hesitation in recommending it for the toughest innovation projects."

- Neal Matheson, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Consumer Products, Johnson & Johnson, US.
Arla Foods

"...Erehwon seems to constantly impress me, as I have never come across an innovation consulting firm, balancing ideas and paradigms with such an ease, to successfully confront gravity and discover Orbit-shifting innovation TM – Erehwon is leading the way..."

- Carsten Hallund Slot, Vice President Corporate Research & Innovation, Arla Foods, Denmark.

"Erehwon has a great talent to show to you what you think Innovation is and what it could really be. One of Erehwon's great strengths is to see Innovation as a 'full package' i.e. concepts which are truly out of the box and translate these into concrete implementation with its methodology Erehwon can put a mirror in front of you so that you (painfully) see where you are in comparison with where you could be in terms of business relevant innovations".

- Robert Sieber, , Novartis, Switzerland.
Savola Foods

Innovation projects with Savola Foods in the Middle East. One aimed at building a set of internal innovation champions and the other an 'Erehwon Breakthrough InsightingTM' for new opportunities' with their Egypt team.

"...I have engaged with Erehwon both personally and professionally on several projects for Savola Foods, and they have managed to change the way we view the world both personally and professionally. The competitive edge of Erehwon over any other consultancy we dealt with is that they engage with you and the organization as a solid part of the team with equal if not higher stakes than you do as their customer. They work with huge passion and come with a wealth of diverse experiences collected throughout the years across the world."

- Mohamed Al Banhawi, Innovations Director, Savola Foods, Egypt.
Max Life Insurance

Implementation of a breakthrough sales model at Max New York Life Insurance, that resulted in the success rate of new agents being the highest in the industry (3X industry average) that was instrumental in the organization achieving a 3X growth over the last 3 years (from USD 100 Million to USD 300 Million). It has been acknowledged as a new benchmark in New York Life International.

"...It gives you recipes for success. It gives you interesting insights into leaders risking all to pursue quantum goals. It leaves people enthused…leaves them with a 'we can do it' feeling"

- Anuroop 'Tony' Singh, Vice Chairman, Max New York Life Insurance Company
Mahindra Group

"The insights contained in this book will enable organizations to break the bonds of gravity and the mental shackles that keep them from reaching the next orbit. Compulsory reading for businesses that aspire to be innovative."

– in reaction to Erehwon's book 'Orbit-shifting Innovation – The Dynamics of Ideas that create history'
- Anand G. Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group

"Orbit-shifting Innovation provokes us to step out of our prevailing industry and organizational paradigms, and re- visualise our markets, customers and businesses, for what they could be"

- Pawan Goenka, xecutive Director & President, Automotive & Farm Equipment Sectors, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
Marico Industries

At Marico Industries, an India FMCG, that was confronted with a major challenge when an MNC decided to take on its leading brand. The resulting strategy led to the Indian FMCG's brand acquiring the highest market share in its history. It went on, a few years later, to acquire the MNC brand. This led to a ten-fold jump in turnover over a period of 5 years.

"...Erehwon is a creative, evolving, strategic partner...has helped create a mindset for Innovation and brought in clarity on how one can convert creative ideas to opportunities"

- Marico Industries., ,
Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited

"We had engaged Erehwon during 2007-08. Their Gravity Diagnostic fine tuned our understanding of organizational gravitational forces that we needed to work upon for promotion of innovation culture. Later on Erehwon was actively involved in crystallizing innovative propositions and roadmap for our highly aspirational project called 'Mission 9 X 9'. They are bunch of energetic people and know the business of spurring innovation. Any organization seriously thinking of taking a big leap will benefit from their association. NDPL wishes them all the best in their endeavour!"

- Uday Mishra, (Business Excellence), Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited .
Wipro & Azim Premji Foundation

With the Karnataka State Government, Azim Premji Foundation and the World Bank: a project to create a breakthrough strategy to leapfrog the quality of primary education across all government schools in Karnataka. This project involved conducting an 'Erehwon Gravity Diagnostic TM' to understand the gravity mindsets and co-creating a breakthrough strategy such that there was high degree of ownership in all the multiple stakeholders. The final breakthrough strategy was publicly adopted by the Chief Minister and is currently being implemented across the state.

"We are pleased to place on record that "Erehwon Innovation Consulting" and Azim Premji Foundation have worked together on several occasions during the past 11 years. The collaboration was primarily in the areas of:

  • Capacity building among Government Education functionaries (Examples – Development program for the District Education Officers and Block Education Officers of the Government of Karnataka in 2001)
  • Developing an attitude of Innovation among Karnataka education functionaries in 2008
  • Facilitating a ten year education vision for the state of Karnataka and developing a detailed phase wise action plan for implementation – this involved the top management of the education department including the Minister of Education (2005-06)

The primary objective in all the above programs was to reform the quality of education beyond rote memory based learning and build education perspective, competence and passion for the kind of education that is committed in the National Policy for Education.

The outcomes have been – motivated education functionaries (those who participated) with commitment to quality education and in 2005-06, the Education Minister announcing the state's commitment to most children in the state achieving expected learning competencies."

- Dileep Ranjekar, Chief Executive Officer, Azim Premji Foundation.