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Create the positive restlessness needed to 'Break through the Gravity' and pursue an Orbit-shift

Fuel leaders, across levels and across functions, with the capacity to inspire and enable their teams to proactively break through the shackles of gravity and pursue an Orbit-shift - go beyond industry best practices, to create the next practice.

Leading Orbit-shifts

Most organizations reach a point where they recognize that 'merely good management is not enough': it may keep the business running, but it certainly will not guarantee the next big leap that will fuel future growth. They realize that the key to mobilize the next level growth is the Organization Leadership. Moving the top, middle and frontline leaders to go beyond 'Maintaining the Orbit' to 'Leading Orbit-shifts' is at an all time URGENCY for most established organizations.

Traditional Approach
A number of organizations launch large scale 'Entrepreneurial Development Programmes'. They also focus on 'Sensitising the Leadership'. They go further to expose leaders to 'Change Management' and even 'Innovation Skills'. They also invest extensively in 'Leadership Coaching'.

Most of these attempts remain superficial or very individual leader dependent. The results stay scattered and suboptimal. Very rarely do they synergize into a MOVEMENT that leads to a TRANSFORMATIVE IMPACT.
The Erehwon Approach

In building and multiplying Orbit-shifting leaders, Erehwon's uniqueness is the insight into
'What differentiates Orbit-shifting leaders' – the deep insight into the mindsets and practices
that fuel leaders to go beyond 'Maintaining the Orbit' to 'Leading Orbit-shifts'.

These are the six mindsets that differentiate Orbit-shifting Leaders :
The Erehwon Impact
An Erehwon 'Orbit-shifting Leadership' intervention is designed to be the 'Transformation Catalyst'- to provoke and enable leaders to realize the mindset shifts needed and to equip them with leadership practices to:
  • Unleash an Orbit-shift.
  • Inspire and enable the 'Co-ownership' of an Orbit-shift.
  • Uncover blind spots and discover new Insights
    (into opportunities and problems being solved).
  • Navigate and overcome 'unsolved problems in
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