Based out of India, working in Asia Pacific, Europe and US, Erehwon Innovation Consulting is India's and among the world's leading innovation consulting firms. Erehwon has 25 years of cutting-edge experience in being able to instill innovation in the most legacy driven and unresponsive environments - across industries, countries and cultures.

Erehwon has pioneered a unique approach 'Orbit-Shifting Innovation' - targeted at making breakthrough innovation happen by design, not by mere accident..

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Our Team

Rajiv's passion for innovation & imagination is boundariless. He brings unique & indepth insights into the strategic, organizational & leadership dimensions of innovation.

Rajiv Narang

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Prabha's passion comes from her belief that the human endeavor is the only driver for dramatic change and innovation.

Prabha Parthasarathy


A dynamic innovation leader & facilitator, Manu is sought after for his ability to swing the spotlight right onto teams'/organizations' own limiting Mindsets, and energize a mass of people to go after a Quantum challenge.

Manu Vats

Partner Consultant

Gokul is a firm believer in the potential of innovation. He has the ability to seamlessly move between the business context of innovation and human element involved in making breakthroughs happen.

Gokul Ranganathan

Partner Consultant

He believes orbit shift mental model and boundary breakthrough will create unlimited imaginative solutions for implementing a profitable business model and an impactful performance excellence.

Amos Tan

CEO (China & Singapore)

Shruti loves to play the role of a catalyst for meaningful, transformative impact and believes that staying true to the purpose of Innovation and being open to challenge 'current ways of thinking & working' help make that happen.

Shruti Shridhar Murthy


At any given moment, what interests Sundar the most is INNOVATION. He is passionate about making a difference through CREATIVE Thoughts.

Sundar Raj Venkatakrishnan


Sandeep loves being with people who are willing to challenge their deep-rooted belief systems to create Breakthrough Results, be it at work, in relationships or any other aspect of their life.

Sandeep Kapur

Senior Innovation Consultant

Rahul's mission is to create challengers, conscious leaders and future enterprises through unique strategy and Innovation solutions.

Dr. Rahul More

Senior Innovation Consultant

Arun is passionate about creating unique, high impact artefacts through Design + Strategy + Technology + Leadership in areas which are critical for the holistic well being of humanity and our connected future.

Arun Maharajan

Senior Innovation Consultant